6 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services Providers


For anyone considering setting up a website or starting a business on the web, one of the main concerns is the cost this action will bring. With a cheap website hosting it is much easier to start a web business.

But the main question is: How to choose a cheap website hosting without giving up quality After evaluating several providers, we were able to select the best companies that offer cheap and good hosting for your site.


Here is the list with the best cheap website hosting providers:

  • HostGator ( $ 7.79 / month , cPanel, domain and free SSL on all plans)
  • Hostinger ( R $ 2.29 / month , cheap and top-performing hosting)
  • WebLink ( $ 2.55 / month , excellent customer service and support)
  • GoDaddy ( $ 6.99 / month , great performance and cPanel on all plans)
  • UOL HOST ( R $ 9,90 / month in the annual plan, with servers in US)
  • HostMedia ( $ 7.99 / month , with SSL certificate and free domain included)
  • Umbler (starting at $ 8 / month with custom hosting plans)

In our reviews, we check each of these providers down to the last detail. So if you want to know more about how these providers can offer such cheap plans, and most importantly, how to avoid pranks and get the most out of your investment , stay with us.

In our reviews, we check each of these providers down to the last detail. So if you want to know more about how these providers can offer such cheap plans, and most importantly, how to avoid pranks and get the most out of your investment , stay with us.

  1. Hostgator

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, one thing is for sure: HostGator is always among the best providers in hosting rankings.

With plans starting at $ 7.79 / month that include cPanel and free SSL, it's not hard to understand HostGator's huge popularity when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

At HostGator, you don't have to worry about limiting email accounts or storing your project – plans have unlimited resources.

The Best Tools for Creating and Hosting a Website

In addition to free cPanel and SSL on all plans, HostGator also offers the first year of free domain and a unique website builder.

  1. Hostinger – Cheaper Hosting

If you are looking for the cheapest long term hosting, Hostinger is undoubtedly the cheapest option.

Hostinger hosting plans amount to $ 2.29 per month depending on the payment cycle you choose.

Even at the low price, Hostinger includes free domain registration and performs well on its servers.

Cheap domain registration and renewal

Anyone who needs hosting also needs a domain name for the site. And when it comes to domain registration, Hostinger has the best prices.

The best providers offer a free domain with hosting, but few with the renewal as cheap as Hostinger.

  1. WebLink – Exceptional Support

For those looking for cheap website hosting but value good service and support, a WebLink is a great option.

With prices as high as $ 2.55 a month, WebLink is one of the cheapest hosting companies on the market.

In addition to the low prices, WebLink is known for paying particular attention to the issue of hosting support.

Quality service and expert support

For those who are creating the first site or do not have much experience with hosting, all support is welcome. And that's where WebLink differentiates itself.

In addition to 24/7 quality service and support, the company provides a variety of guides, tutorials and trails to help its customers.


If you want to start spending as little as possible, UOL HOST may be the ideal option. After all, it is possible to start for free.

At UOL HOST, you can start in two ways: with the annual cycle discount, where the monthly start from $ 9.90 or the first month free , but with renewal without discount.

The company is also one of the few that offers phone support, as well as chat and calling, so keep that in mind if it's important to you.

  1. GoDaddy – Free Domain Hosting

When it comes to domain registration, one thing is certain: GoDaddy is the most popular company. But not everyone knows that it is also a good cheap hosting option.

Plans start at $ 6.99 a month, and all have the domain and SSL included for free.

And with unlimited or abundant resources at GoDaddy, you don't have to worry about limiting traffic or storage on your project.

In addition to including free domain and SSL in all plans, GoDaddy also offers cPanel and an automatic installer with hundreds of applications.

With complete and high-quality tools, GoDaddy can offer a hosting solution that is cheap and good at the same time.

  1. HostMedia

HostMídia is another complete solution for those who want to save money by hiring a cheap hosting.

The company's plans start from $ 7.99 / month but with a differential: the guarantee of discount forever.

In addition, HostMedia offers unlimited features and support for additional languages ​​such as Python and Ruby on Rails.

Discount forever and unlimited features

Much of the cheap hosting discounts are only for the first hiring period. In renovation, you need to pay full amount. However, at HostMedia, the discount is forever.

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