About Us

Hello and welcome to Mozsteps, One of the technical websites offering tutorials, detailed guides, tips for beginners.

At mozsteps our main aim is to provide helpful, valuable and detailed articles in what's related to :

1 – WordPress Tutorials

2 – Growing a small business

3 – Case study and tips for non-techy website owners.

4 – Side hustles and making money online strategies

Our Story

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My name is Hassan Sahlaoui a young passionate and self-educated person with several years of experience working locally as a front end web developer.

I still remember the first day I saw some video tutorials on how to make a business website and a lifetime income on the internet, I didn't through that was possible because as a beginner with no experience in such things. my mind just can't believe it.

The whole story started when I decided to take an overview of all the business ideas people are using to work online. In fact, I watched a bunch of tutorials of awesome people who succeeded in many different fields: Youtube, dropshipping, digital marketing …

As I was very attracted and passionate about building websites my career in front end web development has started since then. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery and many other technologies before I heard about WordPress platform and how it makes it super easy to build any kind of websites then decided to learn and take advantage of it.

I worked locally in the beginning before I moved to the online area where freelacing was the first job I made my income from.

A year ago, I begin planning to create a tech website where I share my experience and knowledge I acquired. My dream finally comes true and I started mozsteps.com to help the online community.