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Hi friends, Few days ago we posted an article having information regarding the best wireless headphones. We got questions in our email regarding gaming headphones.

The majority of the folks were gamers. They asked which headphone is the best for gaming?

So, that's why I am here with this guide. In this article, I explained the best points to consider before buying and I gathered the best headphones for you to use.

Headphones specifically designed to play are a trend. Every time we find more variety, designs, and accessories that complement them.

However, to be able to see a real difference during the game, they will have to have a number of special features.

Although everyone has the lights and designs that characterize them so much, not all headphones have features that enrich the game, despite having the “gaming” tag in their sales strategies.

Of all the headphones on the market, we are left with Astro Gaming A50 for offering a truly immersive experience with unmatched quality. We will feel how our game changes with the quality and performance of these headphones.

To learn to distinguish a “cool” headset from one that really brings something to us during the game, we must attend to a series of keys.

Keys to keep in mind

#1. Design (pavilion and headband)

Despite what we may think a priori, gaming headphones have to be comfortable and it is important that we are not tired to wear them. We are not talking about a physical aspect, but auditory. We may use them for hours, so we will have to choose the pavilion that falls the least to the ear.

The semi-open headphones let out the sound, letting out the frequencies that stand out from both bass and treble, but without being excessive. In this way, we do not bottle the ear and avoid unnecessary efforts, but without unduly disturbing those around us while we play.

Semi-open is a midpoint between open and closed. The open ones have more nuances in their sounds but they run the risk of disturbing those around them, who will hear everything you hear.

On the other hand, the closed ones will isolate us a lot and will soon tire our ears, so they only make sense if we are going to use them in very noisy places or outdoors.

As for the headband, you must have breathable padding that is comfortable after several hours of use and that holds the headphones in place.

#2. Microphone

The microphone is basic for this type of headphones. Therefore, we must ensure that it is able to correctly pick up our voice through antipop foams, for example. This type of “additions” will avoid the sensation of blows against the microphone caused by the sounds of “b” and “p”.

Some high-end options will also have active noise cancellation, so you can only send our voice and not the background noise.

It is also important that you can withdraw (either putting it upright or dismounting it) so that it does not hinder us when we do not need it.

#3. Connections: with or without cables?

Currently, the sound quality of wired headphones and wireless headphones is really similar. There is no longer a delay in the reception of sound in the headphones connected by Bluetooth, which makes them perfect for playing.

Of course, opting for one option or another will depend on the tastes and mobility that we want while playing.

#4. Power

The power of the headset will be measured in decibels. For gaming headphones, the average power is between 95 and 120 decibels (dB).

In relation to power, we will see that it has an impedance of at least 32 ohms.

And if we are not yet familiar with these terms, say that impedance is the resistance of a headset to withstand maximum power. That is, how much power the headset can support without breaking the canopy. All in all, we will find headphones with dynamic impedance of up to 60 ohms.

As for the hertz that we should ask our headset, they should cover between 20 and 20,000 hertz, at least. We call this the frequency, which is the range of sounds emitted by the headset.

Here are some headphones which I personally recommend to gammers:

#1. Astro Gaming A50

Astro Gaming A50

It fits well to the head, without pressing it. And we can lean forward with the assurance that the headphones will not move from their place. As for comfort, of course, they are ten.

The headband pads are breathable, which will prevent sweating. And in case we can not avoid some sweat, the pads can be disassembled (they are hooked with very powerful magnets) and buy spare parts if necessary.

This functionality is very useful since the pads are one of the parts that suffer most from a headset.

The sound is also transcendental when choosing. Not only for its quality but for its Dolby 7.1 that will position the sound while you play.

It is a transcendental function since if the enemy approaches from behind, we can hear it and locate it. Thus, it brings a new experience to our game. And we can also adjust the volume from the headphones themselves.

Among its greatest virtues, we would also highlight that it is a wireless headset with an autonomy outside of series. They can last 15 hours in a row with maximum sound. And it has color indicators to show the battery status.

The audio quality of the microphone is really good, transmitting the voice very faithfully. It is a unidirectional microphone that also has the function of “mute” if we raise the microphone vertically, and it is activated automatically if we lower it.

We emphasize that it has noise cancellation, typical of the best headphones on the market.

These headphones have many adjustment possibilities: balance seriously, decrease the comments of other users to concentrate on the game or modify the settings to your liking.

Each time we connect the headphones to the PC, it will notify us if the software can be updated with the new adjustment possibilities, to which we can get a lot of juice.

They are light headphones (380 grams) with PC connection via USB 2.0 and compatible with PS3, PS4, PC and Mac. The frequency of the headset is more than correct (between 20 and 20,000Hz) and a sensitivity of 118 dB.

Actually, the only downside we could put on these headphones is their price. For the rest, it is a great bet if we look for the best gaming headphones.

#2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 are gaming headphones that stand out for their virtual 7.1 audio, which work at a frequency of 20 to 2000Hz, a sensitivity of 98dB and an impedance of 32 ohms. They are also known for their dynamic lighting effects.

For many, sound positioning is necessary to enjoy the perfect experience in their games. In this case, the Dolby is excellent and is very well achieved.

If we are already experts and we have used other headphones aimed at gamers, we will notice the quality of the manufacturing materials of this model instantly.

As for comfort, the main thing is that they are exceptionally lightweight headphones. And also the pads cover the entire ear and are breathable to avoid sweating, which allows long gaming sessions without discomfort.

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is compatible with PC, PlayStation through the USB port, and with Xbox and mobile phones through a 3.5mm jack. Of course, this last connection disables the effects of colored LED lighting.

The microphone is bidirectional, retractable and also has a noise cancellation system.

In the headphones, we will find a button to mute the microphone or adjust the volume. It will also allow us to regulate the noise of the game with that of the chat while we use them.

As an extra, this model has custom designs for headbands for a slightly higher price.

In short, it is a mid-range product that offers great quality below € 100.

#3. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II is a model of the Kingston brand. They are headphones with closed pavilions, ideal for use outdoors or very loud places. In addition, they have the function of attenuation of ambient noise so the sound is excellent.

The frequency is really wide, from 15Hz to 25,000Hz, with an impedance of 60 ohms. As for the technical specifications, it is a headset with some features out of series, and more having a price below € 100.

They have virtual 7.1 surround sound for PC, but it is also compatible with other devices.

The microphone is correct or almost a bit just. Because it may not work as well as we would like if we speak softly. But in a normal tone, it is more than acceptable. On the contrary, it has the virtue that if we are in an outside place, it will attenuate the environmental noise so that only we are heard and in a loud and clear way.

Of course, the cable that comes in the purchase measures 40cm, so we must use them with the integrated USB card. Or, if you prefer, we can buy a longer cable for about € 10.

As an interesting extra, it includes a carrying bag with your purchase, very useful for transporting them without suffering or getting dirty. They also include a control that allows you to turn off the microphone or increase the volume.

Perhaps its negative point is that it does not have software that allows you to adjust some parameters. And for some users, this can be inconvenient.

However, they are headphones with a great quality-price, which will perform the same as others in the competition and are in much higher price ranges.

So this was our special guide about best headphones mainly for gamers but if you are not gamer then you can also use it without any hesitation.

If you have any confusion in your mind, please comment in the box below our team will proudly respond to you within 24 hours!!

Have a good day!


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