Best MMO mouse in 2020

best mmo mouse

Best MMO Mouse for gaming is probably one of the topics that get often asked by gamers, so if you're a gamer too then this will be the guide that will help you get answers to your questions about the best MMO mice for 2020.

We all know that there are hundreds of mice on the market nowadays which makes the operation of finding the best ones that will suit your needs a little bit harder. Therefore, we decided to write this guide that will absolutely help you get answers for most of your questions such as: what should we consider when buying a gaming mouse? how to find the best one for you?.

Then we'll deliver you some of our best recommendations because even MMO gaming mouse looks pretty it does not it's the right one for you, you'll need to find the one that fits your hand, has the features you are looking for and makes you feel comfortable while you enjoy your favorite games.

sounds interesting? …

Without wasting further time let's get into it.


1 – Razer Naga Chroma : Easy best MMO mouse

best wireless mmo mouse

When thinking to the best MMO gaming mice of 2020, one of the popular choices you may have heard is the RAZER NAGA CHROMA made by the well-respected brand of Razer. This MMO mouse is one of the world's most precise gaming mouse sensors with 16,000 DPI which has 19 programmable buttons including 12 mechanical thumb buttons.

Whether you are an MMO player or simply someone looking to expand their macro usage this Weighing in at about 135 grams mouse offers you great freedom to program up to 19 buttons just the way you want, it has a tracking speed of 210 inches per second. One of the cool features added to this mouse is the “tilt-click scroll wheel” that makes it easy to go in any direction you want which will definitely help you whether you're gaming or doing something else.

Besides, if you care about the appearance of your MMO gaming mouse. fortunately, RAZER NAGA CHROMA comes in about 16.8 Million Customizable Color to help you personalize your mouse and make it truly unique, All Razer Chroma enabled devices to come with an open SDK that will provide game developers to take advantage of the multitude of lighting options available for Razer Chroma.

Although all the features and bright sides of this mouse, I don't recommend it for people with little hands it won't be comfortable for them. therefore, I would like to tell all the little-hands people who have this mouse to switch to Logitech G403 it will be much better for them.

On the contrary if you have large hands then this will be the best mmo mouse you can buy on the market.

2 – Logitech G502 : high performance, best mmo mouse

best mmo mouse

Pros and Cons in brief :

Lots of programmable buttonsIt's heavy.
An amazing list of options when it comes to customizationsScroll wheel feels cheap and rattles when you move the mouse.
High performace sensor
Comfortable to hold and use in any non gaming application.

Probably you know Logitech gaming mouse is considered one of the best high-performance gaming mice found on the market nowadays, therefore, we have to mention it as it was one of my favorites when it comes to customization MMOs mice are the king, in fact, Logitech G502 has 11 programmable buttons. many people when they think about buying an MMO mouse they automatically think of those with a 12-button grid on the side.

But in reality, there are a lot of different types of multiplayer online games that may not work well with that grid system, in addition, there's a lot of MMO games with a playstyle that doesn't even connect with it. Logitech G502 11 programmable buttons should be plenty for World of Warcraft, the number of great customization options, quality, performance and software you get for such price makes it one of the best MMO mouse you can try.

My advice to you is to basically go with the regular Logitech G502 and not the newly released one simply because the new Hero Logitech G502 comes with an upgraded sensor and not much else of features for the about double price, in fact, we just don't think it's worth being bought. This mouse comes with a high-performance sensor up to 16,000 DPI which provides maximum tracking accuracy and the ultimate in gaming speed while enjoying your favorite games.

Let's move into talking about the software: the software's user interface is fairly easy to use and streamlined although some people and product reviewers complain about some few bugs in the software as I see many reviews in noticed that most of them are related to intricate commands not lining up with their assigned buttons, fortunately, those small issues are not a big deal and you can overcome them using all included peripheral software.

3 – Logitech G903 “Hero”: 16K SENSOR best MMO mouse

logitech G903

Pros and Cons in brief :

Plenty of customization optionsVery expensive
Wireless charging feature
Lightspeed wireless
Long-lasting battery

In case you have an unlimited budget one of the best MMO mice I can recommend to you is Logitech G903 “Hero”, it offers amazing overall performance and tracking speed thanks to its HERO 16K optical sensor. In addition to that, this mouse supports wireless charging Lightspeed 2.4GHz wireless and provides a wide range of customization options in terms of colors (more than 16.8 million color combinations) to help you personalize it as much as possible and make it more unique.

When it comes to this gaming mouse there's a bunch of features for almost everyone such as a customizable RGB lighting that can be completely adjusted to respond to a certain game or audio action. Moreover, Logitech G903 gaming mouse has a long-lasting battery that can reach up to 140 hours with and 180 hours without the RGB lighting feature. concerning the buttons, this mouse contains 11 programmable metal-spring buttons as well as a capable G hub gaming which really turns the G903 into a real gaming power tool.

If you're concerned with the external appearance and you look for something cool, then we have a piece of good news for you as the Logitech mouse has an excellent and good lucking design. compared to some of the best-wired mice this mouse provides extremely great responsiveness besides having no lag thanks to its high-quality sensor mentioned above.

All in all, if you're among the high-profile gamers or users who have no budget limitations then this is the best wireless mmo gaming mouse that will suit your needs.

4 –  Razer Naga Trinity :

best wireless mmo mouse

Pros and Cons in brief :

Lots of programmable buttonsNot great for left handed users
RGB lighting effectsNot great for people with large hands
Easy to use and great software
Comfortable to hold and use in any non gaming application.

if you're unaware of the Razer company then let me tell you that they have been making great content for gamers for over a decade now. every headset, camera, keyboard, the mouse comes with compatible software with no installation hassle. sounds something great ?! let's continue.

For Gaming: if you're among people looking for the best MMO mouse for gaming than I honestly recommend for you to buy this mouse. personally speaking, I don't think this mouse is for people with large hands so if you are so! then I am sorry to tell you that it would be better if you skip this one and take a look at the other mice for large hands or fingers which we're going to mention in this post.

Applications (Games): literally, any genre of games such as MOBA, MMO, FPS, RTS, Action, Horror, Indie is enhanced with Naga Trinity mouse. Besides, changing the keybindings of this mouse to the number pads on your side truly makes every game you play modded to your liking. For more enhancement, better edge and quicker “draw” when you're on the battle's field is attainable with this Razer mouse. Moreover, you should know that switching these panels doesn't reset your keybindings.

In general, the quality of Razer products is quiet good but often lacking in fact, you'll see a lot of one-star and terrible reviews here and there on many Razer products. Almost all the reviewers are often complaining about occasional things such as mushy button clicks, sudden failure of the device or even something related to software bugs. For me it's not surprising because this faily typical of the most electronics we use nowadays but for a such price it's considered one of my favorites.

The attachments: talking about the attachments that you'll get once you buy Razer Naga Trinity mouse: magnetic that fit perfectly, and make a sweet noise when attached. Furthermore, each attachment is fortunately built in a way that makes it great for different types of games or handling of controls. you're looking at a two-button side for your first-person Shooters, A 6 button slot for RPGs, and last but not least a 12 programmable buttons attachment which will provide you an amazing experience while enjoying your MOBA, MMO games.

As to me, my favorite attachment among the aforementioned ones is the 6 button slot simply because one reason is that the end of the thumb fits on a textured matte which gives me a better grip on the side of the mouse and makes it quite easier for me to access to buttons. All in all,  Razer Naga Trinity is one of the best mmo mice I have tried and I genuinely included it in this ultimate guide of buying as it will be the best mmo mouse for some gamers.

5 – Logitech G302 Daedalus Prim: Best MOBA Gaming Mouse

best moba gaming mouse

When you read an ultimate guide and you notice that all the products are great in spite of their different price you must know that the expensive things aren't the best always. the best product from the list we mention is the one that fits your needs and requirements the most which you will get to know based on the characteristics we mentioned in the description box of each product.

Pros and Cons in brief :

Great for people with budget limitationmay not way for all users due to its small size
Good looking mouseNo RGB only glows blue
Very easy to useNo side buttons
It's compatible with other games typesCable isn’t braided

It's quite enough that Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime was used by and supported by the popular Team SoloMid to know that it's worth it. This mouse is not only used by pro people who play MOBA games type, if we carefully analyse the features included in it we can say that they focus on the mobility and accuracy. Besides, it's one of the best mmo mouse that's ideal for fingertip or claw type grips in fact, i don't recommend it to long raids of MMORPGs.

Although its low price and lightweight features of this mouse but the reviewers still request an improvement in terms of quality, feel and durability. concerning the software included in Logitech G302, Daedalus Prime is good and can be fully customized: from editing macros to adjusting the DPI to the value you want in a range of 240 to 4000.

The G302 Daedalus Prime has everything you need when it comes to speed, accuracy, and access to a few important macros that MOBAs require. One thing more is that the price tag is low so that most of the gamers can manage which again makes this mouse worth be mentioned in our ultimate guide of the best mmo mouse.

6 – UtechSmart Venus : Best MMO mouse for gaming

best mmo mouse under 50

Pros and Cons in brief :

Lots of programmable buttonsbasic software
High Performance and accuracyOnly right-handed design supported
DPI adjustment buttons with LED indicatorNo RBG : only 5 different colors supported

When talking about UtechSmart Venus, it's not only the best MMO mouse for gamers with a small budget but it included some of the pro features you might see in the expensive mice, in fact, some of the product reviewers have preferred to use this mouse after trying another product with over 100$.

This mouse contains 18 different whopping buttons at your macro disposal including standard 12-button grid layout that's located above the thumb rest as well as a so-called “fire button”. a button to change the DPI up and down. Besides another button on the bottom of this mouse that gives you the ability to switch between various saved profiles easily.

In the ergonomic level, this mouse is not ideal for lefties as it only comes with a right-handed design, The shape and texture of it are extremely comfortable in the hand and the size is suited for most. That can keep your grip firm during gameplay. moreover, it works in a perfect way with many popular and well-known games that need a lot of buttons at your disposal: such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Star Wars games, PUBG, Battle Royale games, and any FPS/MMORPG/MOBA or MMO games.

In term of software: the Utechsmart Venus contains a lot of small finishing touches that you might not expect from a mouse with such price range. some other things that sound interesting are the ring-finger rest, Teflon feet pads, braided cable, LEDs to indicate sensitivity. In addition to that, amazing backlit grid buttons and additional decorative lighting which will make this mouse feel a lot more expensive and worth buying.

The 5 Best Budget MMO Mouse

When acquiring the peripherals for our new equipment, doubts or situations often arise, which either cause us to spend an excessive amount of money on something we do not need, or on the contrary, we settle for peripherals with bad qualities, missing of features, or that are simply not designed for the use that will be given. With this guide, we show the best cheap gaming mouse that can be found in the ranges of different brands.

best MMO budget mice 2020

When choosing the best mmo mouse for our team, we have to take into account several factors, obviously starting with our preferences about a larger or smaller, number of buttons, etc., where for example a mouse oriented to FPS games It will have fewer buttons and with different functions than oriented to MOBA games, which will generally be more expensive given the greater number of elements that compose it.

Even so, it will always be done by choosing the best mmo mouse that enjoys good precision, a useful number of buttons, that is comfortable, and ultimately prioritize technical aspects to aesthetic aspects, a major evil in this world, which makes mice very cheap, uncomfortable, and of poor quality but with aggressive lines and RGB, receive more purchases than quality mice at a contained price. Specifically, at a which is the strip in which we can find a quality gaming mouse at the same time that we can consider it cheap.

NewSkill EOS mouse

it is at the price limit we have set ourselves to help you choose the best mmo mouse that will suit your needs. This model, for example, is more ideal for FPS type game.

This mouse has a 16000DPI Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor , high durability buttons with a lifespan of 20 million keystrokes , and the highly acclaimed RGB lighting that we like so much at this time.

With a 1.8-meter cable, we make sure that it will reach the equipment wherever it is, either on a desk or under it, and the software dedicated to the mouse will allow us to assign lighting effects and configure buttons and macros without any difficulty, in addition, to have efficient access to polling rate, DPI settings, and even assign lighting colors to DPI levels.

NOX mouse Krom Khuno

One of the things that makes this mouse worth trying and considered as the best mmo mouse if you have budget limitations is that it comes with a Pixart 3310 sensor, which shares with brands that we would associate with more expensive models such as SteelSeries or Corsair, but at a lower price. We can know all its details in our Review of Nox Krom Khun. Even so, we take mice with a good quality sensor, OMRON switches, and an ergonomic design that will allow us to take whatever our grip.

This mouse enjoys a maximum value of 5000DPI , which together with its maximum speed of 130 inches per second, and acceleration of up to 30G, make it an ideal to start in the gaming world without having to spend a significant sum of money on a mice with more advanced features.

Mouse Nox

Another best mmo mouse from the Krom range, the NOX Krom Kadru. This time it is lower than the Nox Krom Khun, which is reflected both in its design, as in its reduced price. The first of the concessions can be seen as soon as you turn on the mouse, and see the red glow under it. In effect, this mouse uses a standard optical sensor instead of a UV optical one, the Pixart 3050. Its benefits make it move freely on any type of surface and allows a resolution adjustment of between 250 and 4000dpi, which while not extremely high, are more than enough for most players of any type of game.

This is suitable for any type of game as we have said, and thanks to its little scandalous aesthetic, it is a mouse suitable for all audiences, without strident lights, beyond a backlit mouse wheel and a thin lateral line, in addition of the logo, giving it an elegant appearance, and being completely configurable by software, as we can see in this review of the Nox Krom Kadru and that it resembles the software of its older brother.

Aorus M3

Continuing our guide about choosing the best mmo mouse. We moved to Aorus with its M3. This time we found a mouse with a sober design, backed by the quality of Gigabyte. We can check its quality in our Review of the Aorus M3, in which it assures us that the mouse will work without problems, partly thanks to its OMRON switches, switches that ensure great longevity of 20 million clicks.

This, along with its two side buttons and its design, while adaptable to any type of grip, makes it a comfortable for both games and work , where it will not sin as flashy since its only RGB area is at the back lighting the logo, part that will be covered by hand most of the time.

Thanks to its symmetry the are suitable and considered the best mmo mouse for left-handers, a market very unattended by the main brands, so it is appreciated to see how Aorus has taken into account that there is a large number of computer users who use the with the left hand, although indeed, having only two buttons on one side will ballast those players who cannot press the buttons on the opposite side, that is, the little finger.

Corsair Saber RGB

One of the best mmo mouse from the prestigious brand Corsair brings us a pinch of the good work of the brand with a light, weighing less than 100 grams that makes it ideal for games with great activity, allowing fast and precise movements thanks also to its Pixart 3988 sensor, an IR optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 6400cpi and that Corsair has taken to 10000DPI without compromising the precision of the movements.

That's all for today, i hope you've enjoyed reading. i'll see you in the next blog post have a great day (:


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