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best shared hosting

Best shared hosting plans ? is probably one of the most asked questions by beginners who wanted to start building their online business. so if you're one of those who look for an answer then you're in the right place because I am going to talk in-depth in this topic as well as provide an honest comparison between the best 5 shared hosting providers from my own experience.

Ready ? let's dive in …

First thing before we answer the question of the best shared hosting you may be wondering what shared hosting is ? and what's the difference between this type of hosting and the other types available?

To make it simple, shared hosting is a type of web hosting where hosting server resources are shared between various hosting provider clients. Shared resources are things like memory, disk space, processing, among other hardware resources.

This way, the hosting company can save on infrastructure, and consequently on service offerings, as it will have a much smaller investment by placing multiple clients on a single server. As a result, shared hosting plans turn out to be the cheapest.

By saving on infrastructure costs and placing multiple clients on the same server, the hosting provider has the challenge of managing hosting resources and ensuring that one customer's site does not disrupt the sites of others.

The best shared hosting companies can do this successfully. So if you want affordable, easy-to-use hosting, shared hosting is a great option as long as it's from a reliable hosting provider.

How does shared hosting work?

With the server being shared by hundreds or even thousands of customers, it is natural to be concerned about the security of your site. Ideally, each user would have a dedicated server to host their site, but not only is it impossible for much due to financial issues, but it would also be unnecessary as shared hosting is more than enough in many cases.

Even though it is on a shared server, the provider takes steps to isolate each client's hosting accounts. Thus, no client has access to another's data such as files or hosted. There is still the advantage of the provider having hosting specialists to ensure that everything works as planned, which would be the customer's responsibility on a dedicated server, for example.

Therefore, by choosing the best shared hosting which must be a reliable and reputable hosting provider, you will not have to worry about the security of your hosting data.

If your site is approaching the limits of the hosting plan or is presenting a risk to server clients, the hosting provider will suggest a hosting upgrade. While this may indicate more hosting costs, on the other hand, it is also an indication that your site is growing.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

The best shared hosting can offer advanced functionality without sacrificing usability. This gives you some practicality, allowing you to devote your precious time to running your business. In addition, there are other advantages such as:

1 – It's the cheapest type of hosting

One of the biggest advantages of shared hosting is in the price. In promotional periods, you can find plans for less than $ 5 a month.

For those looking to host a small or medium website and want to save a lot, shared hosting is the cheapest option.

To get an idea of ​​how cheap shared hosting can be, just compare with other types of hosting:

Shared hosting – costs from $ 5 to $ 30 per month.

Hosting or VPS server – can cost anywhere from  $ 30 to $ 500 per month.

Dedicated hosting – over $ 500 per month.

When it comes to a shared server, you can even find free hosting. However, with several limitations compared to paid plans.

2 – Ease of use

Compared to other types of hosting, shared hosting is undoubtedly the easiest option to use. Anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, is able to manage the hosting account and all its features.

This is possible due to the hosting control panel, present in every shared hosting plan.

So while choosing the best shared hosting for you make sure your hosting control panel features such as:

  • File Manager – to upload and edit files through the hosting panel itself, without FTP.
  • SSL Compatibility – Allows you to install your own certificate, such as Let's Encrypt.
  • Automatic installer – has an automatic installer with various applications available.
  • Website Builder – Provides a website builder for easy website building.

In our best shared hosting recommendations list, we look at the functionality of the hosting dashboards, so you can get an idea of ​​how the dashboard works.

3 – Domain Registration Included

Although you can host a website with a free domain if it is a serious project that you plan to invest in and get a return on your investment, starting with the paid domain increases the site's chances of success.

So while trying to choose the best shared hosting for your business. it's great when the hosting provider includes the domain in the shared hosting plan.

But even if you get the domain for free, it's important to be aware of some details:

  • Registration Period – It is important to know how long the domain is registered, usually the free domain is for the first year only.
  • Renewal Price – The domain is free but only for the first year, so check the renewal price to see if it pays in the long run.
  • Domain Privacy – Domains usually display owner data in the WHOIS query, if you want to hide this data, you need to contract domain privacy protection.

Not all providers offer domain registration with hosting, so you can save money by giving preference to those with this differential. that's other essential criteria of the best shared hosting.

Top 5 Best Shared Hosting Companies

If you're looking for best shared hosting for your website then here are some of the top providers around you should be considering as well as a comparison between them. if you want to know the best one according to my experience then you'll find it in the conclusion at the bottom of this article.

  • SiteGround: Ideal choice for scaling your shared hosting
  • HostGator: cost-effective web hosting with great support
  • Bluehost: “unlimited” Best shared hosting plans
  • Godaddy: The Biggest various collection of plans
  • DreamHost: Best low-cost shared hosting

In the upcoming lines, we are going to talk in-depth about each of the web hosting providers mentioned about, what to expect if you sign up as well as a comparison between them and how to choose the company that will provide the best shared hosting for your business.

Let's Go !

#1. SiteGround: Ideal choice to scale your shared hosting

  • Normally $14.99/month
  • Free SSL certificate, email
  • Free CDN & backups
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Recommended by WordPress

The first provider in our list of best shared hosting is Sitegroud.

For small business owners who just started out online business. the shared hosting is typically the best option taking into consideration its reasonable price compared to other hosting types such dedicated server or VPS which are a bit expensive. As beginner money to invest is a difficulty among the difficulties you may encounter therefore if you're able to afford the price of one of Siteground plans then this would be amazing because it's the best shared hosting company and one of the providers recommend by the WordPress community.

Siteground is being recommended a lot as it provides the ability to scale your shared hosting capabilities which means you can start with their basic plan that costs 6.99$/ month then you can upgrade later on in case your website grows up and gains popularity which is awesome.

Concerning shared hosting, Siteground offers three different plans that differ in terms of the webspace and the number of monthly visitors it can handle. here's an overview of the features provided in each shared hosting plan :

StartUp :

  • You can host only 1 website
  • 10 GB of web space (Storage)
  • Starts at 6.99$ per month and renews at 14.99$ per month
  • It can handle up to 10,000 visits every month
  • Free CDN, backups, Email, and SSL are included

GrowBig :

  • You can host unlimited websites
  • 20 GB of web space
  • It handles roughly about 25,000 visits every month
  • Starts at 9.99$ per month and renews at 24.99$ per month
  • Free CDN, backups, Email, and SSL are included
  • Website transfer and on-demand backups

GoGeek :

  • You host unlimited websites
  • 40 GB of web space
  • Suitable for roughly 100,000 visits monthly
  • Starts at 14.99$ per month and renews at 39.99$ per month
  • Free CDN, backups, Email, and SSL are included
  • On-demand backups and website transfer
  • VIP and priority support

If your website didn't get popularity yet then you perhaps won't be getting 10,000 visits, monthly visitors, although I still strongly recommend that you go with the Growbig plan from the beginning over the StartUp plan simply because the difference rate is 2$ per month and it provides high performance to handle double the monthly traffic when your website grows.

The Growbig plan contains an important feature for those who want to switch from another hosting provider to Siteground which is a free site transfer as well as on-demand backups in case you need it. which is a great service to consider when choosing the best shared hosting.

If you're an expert in online business and you have a big established website that is getting a ton of traffic then my advice to you would be to go with the GoGeek plan. it's the best shared hosting you can purchase and the only one that can handle a huge amounts of monthly visits you're getting without causing any issues on the website or even make the pages load slow which may cause a terrible experience for your visitors.

In one of our previous detailed articles, we have talked a bit about the reasons why you should switch to Siteground. Furthermore, the features and benefits you'll get if you started using the Siteground hosting company for your brand new or an existing website.

The reasons in brief :

  • Great loading times
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Immediate Chat Support
  • Free Backups Service
  • 30 Minutes Resolution On Tickets
  • Advanced Proactive Security
  • Instant Phone Support
  • SiteGround is available now on Google Cloud Platform
  • Price

#2. HostGator: cost-effective best shared hosting with great support

  • Normally at 6.95$ / month
  • One Click WordPress Installs
  • SSL and a domain for Free
  • Free website transfer
  • 45-day money back guarantee

Hostgator is one of the best shared hosting services that was in front of me when I was starting out especially compared to its very reasonable price.

Talking about the different plans they provide. there are three shared hosting plans available: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. all the three contain unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, and domain name.

which is again the criteria of the best shared hosting I have mentioned earlier.

The essential point you should keep in mind while choosing the best shared hosting plan for your website is that if you're willing to host multiple websites then you have to purchase the Baby plan which is, by the way, the one I have using for my own online business which contains 3 websites in that time. or if you're interested in the other features such as Upgrade to Positive SSL, dedicated IP, and SEO tools then you are free to go ahead and buy the business plan where all the aforementioned benefits are included for Free.

If you are asking about the price for each plan. here's a brief overview :

  • Hatchling Plan : starting at 2.75$ / month and renews at 6.95$ / month
  • Baby Plan : starting at 3.95$ / month and renews at 9.95$ / month
  • Business Plan : starting at 5.95$ / month and renews at 14.95$ / month

One thing more, the three plans have a free transfer to Hostgator for the new users who want to switch to Hostgator from another hosting company which is great. moreover, a one-click WordPress install which will help you set up WordPress on your Cpanel easily in few minutes then start building and customizing your website or e-commerce store right away which is an interesting feature to include in the best shared hosting.

Overall, Hostgator services are amazing. the pricing rates are definitely the lower and the renewals for the plans aren't that expensive and suitable for the majority of beginners. In addition to that, you can look for the three years billing cycle to get a discount and more money saved.

In my opinion, it would be better for anyone to go with the Business plan from the beginning and I actually recommend it even if he's a beginner.

It's not often that I pick the top-tier pricing as the starting plan for everyone but I recommend it this time because I think Hostgator business plan is the best shared hosting compared to other hosting providers if we take into consideration all the amazing features that come up with this particular plan.

One of the cool things about Hostgator and made it deserving to get mentioned in our list of best shared hosting is the huge number of help articles and video tutorials you can find. they have currently over 700 articles and over 500 video tutorials to help you troubleshoot the issues you might have and start your business on your own.

In addition to that Hostgator, the company provides Google Ads and Bing ads credits that worth 100$ each to help you boost and scale your business to the next level. this offer is available for all the shared hosting plans.

#3. Bluehost: “unlimited” Best shared hosting plans

  • Normally 7.99$ / month
  • SSL certificate and a domain for Free
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The third option I would recommend for getting a good shared hosting for your website is the BlueHost company and that's simply for a big reason which is “performance”. they're definitely one of the most strong and best shared hosting when it comes to uptimes and speed.

Like most of the hosting companies, bluehost provides a collection of shared hosting plans that differ in the features included and the price options for each. they offer four shared hosting plans to choose from unlike the other providers around.

The four shared hosting options available are : Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

let's see what is the difference between them, the various features of each, and which one is considered the best shared hosting.

The Basic plan :

  • It starts at 2.95$ per month and renews at 7.99$ per month
  • It's suitable to host a single website so if you're looking to hosting more than 1 website in your hosting account then skip this plan.
  • 50 GB of SSD storage which is quite enough for someone who is just starting out a small business website.
  • It comes with a Free SSL certificate and a domain name as well as the ability to create up to 25 sub-domain

The Plus plan :

  • It starts at 5.45$ per month and renews at 10.99$ per month
  • It's suitable to host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • spam experts, domain privacy
  • website backup option
  • It comes with a Free domain name and SSL certificate
  • Microsoft 365 mailbox available for 30 days
  • It offers the ability to have unlimited subdomains

The Choice Plus plan :

  • It starts at 5.45$ per month and renews at 14.99$ per month
  • It's convenable to host unlimited website
  • It provides unlimited SSD storage
  • spam experts
  • domain privacy and protection included
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic services
  • Free 30 days of Microsoft 365 mailbox
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • The ability to create unlimited subdomain

The Pro plan :

  • It starts at 13.95$ per month and renews at 23.99$ per month
  • It's ideal to host unlimited websites
  • It comes up with unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • 2 spam experts
  • High performance
  • Domain Privacy and Protection
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic services
  • Dedicated IP
  • Microsoft 365 mailbox (free for 30 days)
  • Free SSL certificate and the ability to create unlimited subdomains

Now we come to an important question that get asked : which one should I pick?

We would strongly recommend the Choice Plus plan. Because as you may notice the starting price is the same, the difference is in the renewal price so I think it would be better for anyone to pay some extra bucks every month, the features provided in the plan is really worth it.

In case you're interested in a dedicated IP, extra spam protection or looking to get the maximum performance for your website then go ahead and choose the Pro Plan, it worth the cost too.

Bluehost also makes it super easy to upgrade your shared hosting plan to a higher one with just few clicks which cool!. so if you're a beginner who is starting a brand new website that is getting no traffic yet. then you can definitely start with the basic plan for the current time, work on the traffic and when your website grows and gets popularity you can go ahead and upgrade it to get more features and performance.

Talking about the billing cycle : if you're interested to get the best rate then you can simply choose the 36 months billing cycle and that's another reason why I have picked the Choice Plus plan in the beginning. It's true that you may be paying some extra bucks for resources that you perhaps won't use when you're just starting out but it's really worth it when it eventually scales and you won't have to do any upgrade process.

Note: the pricing at BlueHost is straightforward but you'll be charged for any add-ons you choose to add.

#4. Godaddy: biggest various collection of plans

  • Normally it cost 8.99$ / month
  • High Quality support 24/7
  • Free office 365 for 1 year
  • Free SSL and domain name
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Godaddy is one of the famous companies in the web hosting industry. it's a very trusted provider around and you can check what their clients say on Trustpilot. they offer the best shared hosting plans that are pretty cheap.

If you're looking to get a good web hosting that will benefit your website in terms of fast loading times and uptime rates which are two among the important features we should consider when trying to choose a web hosting then you should definitely check Godaddy's plans.

The list of discounts listed by Godaddy in the last days is incredible! it will let you save up to 88% and start your dream business website starting from only 1$/month which is the discounted price of the Economy plan.

sounds great right? ….

let's take a look at the best shared hosting plans Godaddy offers and the crucial features included in each one. here's the pricing of the different shared hosting options :

  • Economy plan: The cheapest option for basic starter websites, it costs normally 5.99$ per month and renews at 8.99$ per month. But you can get a discount and only start at 1$ per month.
  • Deluxe plan: The ideal shared hosting for multiple website owners, it starts normally at 7.99$ per month and renews at 11.99$ per month.
  • Ultimate plan: The best option for websites with a huge amount of monthly traffic. it starts normally at 12.99$ per month and renews at 16.99$ per month.

as you might have noticed all the plans offered by Godaddy are actually affordable and straightforward.

regarding the point of choosing the best shared hosting: if you're starting a simple and small blog from scratch then you can get away with the Economy plan. But for those who are building a small business website and expect to get lots of monthly visitors then it would be wise to choose the ultimate plan simply because so that it can handle the huge amount of traffic your site will get.

If you choose to start with the basic plan, keep in mind that you have the opportunity to level-up your subscription to the next plan with few simple clicks.

you'll actually get notified via email if you're getting close to exceeding the capacity or resources of your web host such as CPU or memory. that why you'll stay on top of things. that's another interesting thing about having your website hosted at Godaddy company.

#5. DreamHost: Best low-cost shared hosting

  • Starting at 2.59$ / month
  • Excellent rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free domain,email and SSL certificate
  • Recommended by WordPress

Dreamhost is another web hosting provider known by its cheap shared hosting plans with straightforward pricing without neglecting the performance. it's considered one of the best shared hosting providers in the industry.

This company has made it very simple to start your website or blog by providing two plans with some awesome features. let's take a look at them to understand what makes it one of the best shared hosting you can consider then analyze the benefits for quite a while.

Shared Starter plan: for an affordable price that starts from 2.59$ per month if you have chosen the 3 years billing cycle. it includes some important features listed below :

  • 1 Website hosting
  • Free domain name (if you don't know what is a domain name? take a look at our previous article about selecting the best domain name)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • 50 GB of SSD storage
  • 5 subdomains
  • Very low-cost E-mail starting from 1.67$ per month
  •  Free Automated WordPress Migrations + WP website builder

Shared Unlimited plan: The best shared hosting that starts from 4.95$ per month (if you're going to go with 3 years billing cycle). here are the essential things this hosting plan offers :

  • Unlimited Websites hosting
  • Free domain name and SSL certificate
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Free Automated WordPress Migrations + WP website builder
  • Unlimited site storage
  • Unlimited Email at Your Domain

As you can see in the features list above, both the shared unlimited and shared starter plan provides a free domain, an SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, pre-installed WordPress, Free Automated WordPress Migrations, and finally a WP builder to start creating your blog right after purchasing a plan.

DreamHost gives 100% uptime rate guarantee and a compensation for every hour of downtime in case they fail to meet their promise.

Furthermore, once you purchase their services you'll have a 97-day money-back guarantee. just for information, 30 days seems to be the standard in the whole web hosting industry so offering such as a period of testing is amazing and shows that the team of DreamHost is really standing behind their product to make it the best shared hosting for you to start.

There's another great news for those who already built their WordPress website and want to switch to DreamHost company. don't worry it won't be that hard because a team of experts will migrate your website to your new hosting account for a 99$ fee. so if you fall into the category I just mentioned above I highly recommend that you take advantage of their service.


Shared hosting is the most popular and affordable than new websites, blogs use to start their career in online business. you fall into this category then it will be quite enough for you to start and you'll be satisfied with the features included in this type of hosting.

When it comes to selecting the best shared hosting it really depends on the needs of every individual.

If you're looking for my opinion then Bluehost is the best shared hosting provider I can recommend and that's simply because I had an amazing experience with them while starting my brand new website.

That's all. I hope this article was helpful if “Yes” let me know by leaving a comment below.


    • Hey Aryan! hope you’re doing well. if you have enough budget then Siteground would be a great deal but if you are just starting a simple small business blog then it will be great to start with something basic such as “Bluehost” then when your site gains popularity and a massive amount of traffic then you can either upgrade to the next plan or switch to Siteground which is for me the best hosting company out there.


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