The Best Wireless Keyboards: What you should Know before buying?


Hi friends, yesterday we discussed in detail about wireless headphones. And I cleared all your confusion about wireless headphones and I covered the main points about how to choose the best for you.

So, today I am with a new guide about wireless keyboards. I am going to clear all your confusions about the wireless keyboard and will discuss some extremely important points before choosing the best for you.

Let's jump into it!

Having a desk full of wires seems like something from another century. The world of wireless devices is here to stay and, those of us who have tried it, do not consider anything else.

The first impact we have on our own work table, with the mess that ‘before' the keyboard and mouse cables meant. But today is a matter resolved. The end of these cables manages to reduce the number of objects that we will have on the table and allow us to more easily transport the PC or the laptop, if necessary.

Although there are numerous options, if we had to keep one it would be the Logitech K380 as it is one of the most versatile keyboards we will find.

It is a model that can be used with a multitude of operating systems and has its keys designed with the shortcuts of both Microsoft and Apple keyboards. All this for a price more than affordable.

So, here are some necessary and important points to consider and keep in mind to compare the keyboards between each other.

Best Wireless Keyboard

To consider

When we go to choose a wireless keyboard, there are some keys that we should look to make sure we are satisfied with the purchase.

The type of connection or compatibility with the operating system are some of the most important to consider.

Connection type

The two most widespread types of connections are:

  • Wifi: It is the least frequent when it comes to keyboards.
  • Bluetooth: The keyboard can be connected directly to the computer through this technology or with a USB that hooks to the computer and automatically connects the keyboard.

Charging form and batteries

As they are not permanently connected to the power, wireless keyboards will need some power supply.

The most common are the following:

  • Batteries: Normally these are batteries. We can find keyboards that accept rechargeable batteries, which will save us a lot and allow us to always have spare batteries, already charged so that the battery never stops us from using the keyboard when we need it.
  • Solar energy: It is recharged with sunlight (or any other light) and allows it to be used for hours. Some models can be used for months without recharging. While it is an interesting system for energy savings, it might be a good idea to have another charging method. Otherwise, by running out of battery, we could have a problem.

Compatibility with operating systems

Although it is normal for all wireless keyboards to be compatible with most operating systems, the layout of the keyboard may vary.

For example, if we are users of an Apple computer, we will want to have the Command (cmd) key in a given place, which is what we will be used to.

To do this, we can buy an Apple keyboard or an adapted one that can be used by users accustomed to this operating system.

And the same goes for other operating systems. For example, Windows users will be accustomed to not having the Command key, but a “Windows” symbol that will have other functions and is usually positioned elsewhere on the keyboard.

This detail is especially important for those users who use the shortcuts or key combinations that each operating system facilitates when speeding up certain processes or actions.


Here are some design features details you should know:

  • Size: If we have rather large hands, we will want to make sure that the size of the keys is comfortable to use because if they are too small we could press two at a time, with how uncomfortable it is. If we plan to transport it from one place to another, we may prefer a much more compact and lightweight keyboard.
  • Ergonomics: Some users value comfort above any feature. For this type of user, we recommend that the keyboard be ergonomic to relieve tension in the wrists, favoring their natural position.
  • Other extras: There are wireless keyboards with touchpad, which will prevent us from having to buy a separate mouse. Another interesting extra is that the keyboard lights up to see the lyrics better in certain circumstances.

Keyboard language

It may seem basic, but if we are used to writing in English, we must make sure that the keyboard is set to English. If we do not pay attention to this detail, we could buy a keyboard whose keys do not follow the order in which we are accustomed to writing.

So this was our guide about wireless keyboard. I hope after reading this guide you are now able to compare the best wireless keyboard between each other.

If you still have any confusion in your mind. Please write down below in comment box. Our team will proudly reply within 24 hours.

Have a great day!!


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