Criteria For Choosing A Commercial Management Software


Five criteria for choosing a commercial management software

The acquisition of a commercial management solution very often follows the use of office software by several actors of the retail chain. Here to create models of invoices with a word processor, there to manage the stocks with a sheet to maintain a directory of suppliers.

To streamline your processes, the choice will be on a software able to recover this existing, so that users can keep a maximum of their habits

Work, and share this information and intuitively. Access rights management will protect sensitive data, but the goal is to streamline the flow of information. Thus, in its network version, the software will spray the entire company with sound business practices, safely.

Think about the growth of your business, that is, to say that of its customer files, suppliers, or articles.

Your choice must take into account this future increase in volumes to be managed by the software.

  • Choose a solution that knows your job

Whatever the area of ​​activity of the company, commercial management has its invariants, but also its peculiarities. A service company and industrial SME do not have the same number of suppliers.

The management of the projects and the invoicing from the schedules of its collaborators concern the first. While the second gives significant importance to the management of its stocks.

The business versions of business management software can benefit from a set of functions common to all sectors. Which facilitates, for example, the recruitment of a commercial assistant trained in these families of tools. These tools, which are specific to the company's activity, also enable it to become more precise in its commercial activities.

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  • Think about the mobility of your employees

Salespeople are among the most frequent users of smartphones and other tablets. They frequently use their devices. Choosing software that allows remote and secure access to data such as customer outstanding or stock status before a purchase order is made during a visit increases their efficiency.

But the overall fertility of the company is also positively impacted, since order capture, in the field. And in near-real-time, it helps ensure the accuracy of inventory management.

Example. The sales department can count on the most recent data to follow its different management indicators. And leaders can, themselves, view these indicators from their preferred mobile device.

  • You are the pilot, equip yourself accordingly

Business management software records and manipulates many data, which concern your customers, their purchases. Their regulations, your suppliers, the price of their products, their delivery times. For the managers of the company, their analysis is rich in lessons learn but is also a factor in faster and better-informed decision-making.

We must, therefore, favor software offering simplified access to preconfigured and powerful performance indicators. With many axes of analysis, which you will then only have to consult changes without neglecting the possibility. Of creating your signs and summary tables, using generators easy to handle.

  • Openness to accounting and beyond

From the first use, the commercial management software will allow feeding other software of the company. Starting with your accounting solution. All sales and purchase documents and rules enter and validate at the retail level are automatically translate into accounting entries, subject to compatibility between the software.

Providing yourself with a commercial management solution means opening up significant productivity gains: no re-entry, no mistakes. They can be multiply if your software shows itself technically and functionally open to other software. Either natively or by using integrators able to develop additional modules that will “customize” it according to your needs.

This “opening” to the world can be used to automate queries to extract data from a partner. For example, lists of items and prices from a supplier or open to the requests of another.


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