Divi visual builder Not Working? (Quick Fixes Guide)

divi visual builder not working

Are you looking to know why Divi visual builder not working? have you tried fixing the problem but it seems not to work out at all?

it's really frustrating to work for hours and hours customizing and editing your WordPress website then you come the next day, you get surprised that everything is ruined and even when you try to edit or at least restore some of what you have lost, things start to get worse.

You'll definitely encounter these kinds of situations a lot during your journey creating a website especially if you're a web designer or developer and we know how frustrating it can be.

Therefore, in today's guide, we are going to take a look at the most common issues that might appear when using the Divi page builder along with the different ways and troubleshooting tips that you can try and hopefully it resolves your issue.

So, without further delay … Let get started!

Common Divi page builder issues

While searching on the internet for a solution for the problem you're facing, you'll notice that people have already asked the same question as yours or encountered different issues than yours.

Here some of the common Divi visual builder issues:

Divi builder loading forever: the Divi builder just spins and doesn't show you the front end editor to start customizing, if you're lucky this probably be a caching issue or your server is so slow.

Divi builder unresponsive page issue: The page you're trying to edit is showing a message saying “Page Unresponsive” just like the one you see below. This can be caused by caching plugins or your theme not being updated for a while.

page unresponsive issue

Divi Builder giving an error: the page builder throws an error once you click “Edit with Divi” like the 500 internal server error which is server side problem in most cases. it looks the following.

divi internal server error

Can't update or publish a page in Divi builder: in this situation, the Divi builder actually opens the front end but you can publish, update or save the changes, this can have multiple causes so we recommend that you go through the list of troubleshooting tips and hope it will work out!

Divi visual builder not active: In this issue the Divi builder has disappeared and it's just disabled in the theme settings in most cases.

Divi Builder timeout issue: if you've experienced this issue you'll see that the Divi builder is not actually able to load as a result you can't make any changes to your theme. this can happen due to server PHP configuration, the theme you're using is incompatible with Divi, and other reasons. the timeout issue looks like the following.

divi builder timeout

How to Fix Divi builder Not Working

Now, that we have seen the most popular issues that you might face when building a WordPress website with the Divi theme, let's move on to the solutions that we can try in order to resolve them.

1 – Clear Your website cache

Caching is important when it comes to keeping your website load fast but it can also be a source of issues like when you notice your update doesn't take effect. in the following headlines we'll learn how to clear it from different places in order to diagnose.

Clear Divi Theme static CSS files

In the Divi theme options, there is a setting that allows you to create static CSS files which means the browser will store the files in your browser or the user's one so that in the next visit it won't have to reload the files again and that way the page will load faster.

To clear the Divi theme static CSS files you can follow the steps mentioned below:

1 – First login to your WordPress dashboard, from the left-hand side go to Divi > Theme options > Builder > Advanced then click “Clear” as shown below.

divi clear cache

Disable or Clear caching plugins

The second thing related to caching is to temporarily disable the caching plugin installed on your website, refresh the pages that have the issues and see if it work out.

Or, you can go to the settings of the caching plugin you're using and see if you can find an option called “Clear” or often called “Purge” which helps you clear the cache directly from the plugin itself.

For instance, I am using the WP super cache plugin on my website so I can easily go to settings > WP super cache, scroll down a little bit and there is actually an option to delete the cache from all the pages. (as shown below)

delete wordpress cache

Clear Your browser cache

Sometimes, the issue is not in the theme, the plugins you use, or even the Divi builder, it's only the browser that caches your website and showing you the old version of your page.

So, before you start making any changes to the theme settings or begin looking for the solution on the internet try clearing your browser data by simply, clicking CTRL + SHIFT + Delete on your keyboard if you're using Windows and Cmd+Shift+Delete if you're using MAC.

Alternatively, you can click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser, from the menu choose More tools > Clear browser data. Just I did below.

divi clear browser cache

After that choose “All time”, uncheck the first option if you want to keep the browsing history then click “Clear data”. refresh the page with the issue and see if it worked.

divi clear browser cache

Clear Cache from CDN

The third option related to caching part is useful if you're using an external CDN to cache your files and speed up the site like Cloudflare, MaxCDN, and so on.

we'll need to clear the cache from that as well as it is the one that's causing the issue. To do that simply, log in to your Cloudflare account, from the options on the top, choose “Caching” then click “purge Everything”.

Cloudflare then will go ahead and cleans the cache from the whole website which is recommended but if you want to purge the cache from specific pages then use the first option “custom Purge” and paste in the link of the pages for which the cache will be purged.

divi clear cache from cloudflare CDN

Check if that has resolved the issue.

2 – Check & Re-save Permalinks

Another thing to think about when you see the Divi visual builder not working or most of the pages suddenly gives a 404 not found error is the permalinks.

Resaving permalinks can solve a lot of issues related to WordPress and basically, the problems related to permalinks will start to appear if you did massive changes to your website structure or even if you migrated your website from a hosting to another.

With that being said, all we want you to do is to log in to the WordPress dashboard go to settings > Permalinks and you don't have to do anything other than clicking the “save changes” button and dong it twice.

By doing this step you've forced your website to make a fresh copy of the links which is important even if it didn't fix the error you're facing it can help you narrow down the circle of things that can be the cause. So, go ahead and do that and see if it has any effect on the issue you have.

3 – Check Divi system status

As we have mentioned earlier there are some settings that are done by default in your web hosting company servers that can result in Divi visual builder not working.

to see if the server configuration settings are the best for Divi to work properly, go to Divi > Support center and see if you have any requirements that are not set yet. In my case, it's displaying a message that says all the checks are passed (as shown below).

divi system status

If I click the “Show Full Report” link underneath the message, I will get the details about all the checks I have passed just like you see below, for me, the bullets are all green so I don't do anything.

divi theme system status

In the same way, if there are any requirements that are not met yet then you can simply copy the report by clicking “Copy Full Report” and get in touch with your hosting support to help you fix the issue and pass the checks.

Update PHP version

In the system report, we have just mentioned, if you're getting a red bullet for the PHP version then you should get serious about it. you might be wondering why?

simply, because WordPress has raised the minimum version of PHP required to run the CMS and also provides the best performance if you're using the Divi theme on your WordPress website. in the report, you'll see a message recommending you to use a new version like 7.4.

The problem is that some poor web hosting companies still use very old and outdated PHP versions which makes their customers suffer from trouble but you can reach out to them and see if they can provide you with the recommended version. Otherwise, you can migrate to a better host.

If you're using Cpanel then the good news is most of Cpanel allow you to change the PHP version easily.

You log in to the cpanel and look for “Select PHP version” or “MultiPHP Manager”

increase memory limit in wordpress

Under the “Extensions” tab you'll see the current PHP, click on it and if it's not set to the latest one then go ahead and do that.

change php version cpanel

Increase WordPress memory limit

When you can't upload any content to Divi especially, if it's a little bit large then the issue is probably due to the PHP memory set to a low value the thing that affects the upload process on WordPress.

To increase the PHP memory limit follow these simples steps:

1 – Login to your Cpanel, Go to the “Select PHP version” option just like we did in the PHP version changing process.

2 – Now, instead of going to the “Extensions” tab, go and click “Options” scroll down and you'll see the option of changing the memory limit go ahead and set it to a higher value.

increase memory limit wordpress

4 – Turn On safe mode

One of the great ways to troubleshoot the Divi visual builder not working issue on your website is to turn on the Divi safe mode by going to Divi > support center then check if the error is still happening.

The cool thing is that the safe mode won't disrupt your visitors and it's a perfect way to help you find exactly what is causing the issue by eliminating external plugins, themes that are currently active with your Divi builder.

If it worked after activating the save mode then this means that the issue might be coming from conflicts between plugins and the next step is to deactivate and reactivate the plugins one by one to see which one is causing the problem to happen.

5 – Upgrade you web hosting

If you're serious about building an amazing website and you care about the speed and all those important aspects when choosing a good web hosting provider is a must because often, times the problems related to the Divi theme come from those very cheap shared hosting companies.

6 – Roll back Divi theme version

If you have just upgraded to a new version of Divi and you started seeing the issue then one of the things you can do is to use the rollback feature build in the Divi theme to go back to an older version. to access the rollback feature go to Divi > Theme options > Updates.

To avoid being in trouble whenever a new version of Divi is released, it would be better to wait at least a few days before you go ahead and update because by then the developers have finished doing all the crucial checks such as security and bug testing.

divi roll back feature

7 – Contact The support

Finally, the last step after determining the cause of the problem but don't know how to fix it or it requires some coding skills I do recommend that you reach out to the hosting provider and ask for help in case the problem is WordPress-related.

If you're the issue seems to be caused by the Divi builder itself then reach out to the Elegant Themes team because they'll know exactly what's causing the issue to happen and depending on what is needed to fix the problem they might refer you to the hosting.

To get in touch with support team effectively follow these steps:

1 – From the left-hand side menu go to Divi > Support center

2 – Turn on the two options you see “Remote Access” and “Activate Full Admin Privileges”

3 – Copy and paste the support token along with your website admin URL (eg. example.com/wp-admin) in the support chat

elegant theme support

One more thing to keep in mind is that you need to provide as much as you can to help them fix the problem as soon as possible. You would benefit from that as well because it actually saves you a lot of time.

That's for our today's guide.

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When it comes to WordPress page builders those problems are quite normal and each visual builder has its own issues but this doesn't mean you shouldn't use them, there are problems that don't have any relation with the page builder itself. they come from other sources like plugin conflicts, caching issues, server errors, and the list goes on.

The solutions we mentioned above can resolve almost all the common issues we see frequently, Although, if it didn't work for you then you can try to get in touch with your hosting company or the page builder provider and ask for help.

I hope this article was helpful to you, if you still have any questions or would like to tell us your thoughts about the WordPress issues feel free to leave them in a comment below. Otherwise, have a good day (:


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