Five best trading robots in 2019


The cryptographic currency trading robot continues to be popular. Some traders are still purists of manual trading, although the advantages of automation increasingly attract them. In this article, we will see the top of the best and best cryptocurrency trading robots of 2019:

1- Gunbot, the Best Trading Robot

It is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. It has 14 pre-configured trading strategies. On the other hand, cutting-edge traders can modify any pre-configured plan. As they please and even create utterly customized trading strategies.

Also, advanced versions of Gunbot include the Backtest of Backtesting and TradingView, which enable trading viewers' automated trading.

Another outstanding feature of the robot is its great community. With thousands of mobile robots and multilingual support. In addition to the English website, they also have a Spanish version. The license is used for life, including all updates and new releases for free.

2- Haas Bot

It is one of the most experienced robots on the market. Since its establishment in 2014, it has developed and improved. This robot has different modules and implements different strategies. It allows very advanced customization using the Javascript and C # programming.

Like Gunbot, Haasbot runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac and can be installed on local computers and VPS.

Another strong point of Haasbot is its vast community and multilingual support. On the other hand, the license can have a duration of six months or a year.

3- Profit Trailer

It is a new, high-level robot. It has a range of trading strategies and metrics and an add-onS. that allows you to execute trading signals sent via e-mail.

ProfitTrailer can be installed on your local computer or in a VPS. And can be purchased for a lifetime license or a monthly subscription.

4- Gekko

The robot has very different characteristics from those described above. First of all, it's free, it's also an open-source robot. This means that anyone can access it to view its source code and modify it at will. On the other hand, it is essential to note that to use this robot. It is necessary to have advanced programming knowledge.

One of the essential features of Gekko is the possibility of backtesting, which is free and not directly supported but has a forum.

5-3 steps

Unlike other robots, it is not downloadable software. It is a robot that runs in the cloud and is managed through a web browser. 3commas stands out for its intuitive interface and focuses on novice traders. Because it has a relatively simplified operating system, just like the trading strategy it performs.

3commas allows monthly subscriptions, and it should be noted that it is possible to use credit cards and PayPal and cryptocurrencies to obtain it.

All in all, among the top 5 of the best cryptocurrency trading robots of 2019. You will be able to find software that can help you automate transactions. And execute advanced trading strategies 24/7 without having to spend hours monitoring the screen. Mercato. CriptoTendencia recommends a thorough investigation before investing in commercial. Robots because today's plan of operations could stop working tomorrow. Never forget that cryptocurrency investments are highly risky.

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