How to Easily Fix Divi Contact Form Not Working

fix divi contact form not working

Let me guess! You have finished building your own WordPress website or the client's one but you're stuck at the Divi contact form not working.

Like any other WordPress page builder out there. Divi gives you all the features you need to create a contact page including a ready contact form module. Nevertheless, you might face some issues with it such as the data filled by users not being sent to your inbox at all.

It's really frustrating especially because you can't simply ignore the importance of having a functional contact form on your WordPress website. Therefore, I have taken the time to write this guide to help you out by explaining the reasons why the Divi contact form is not working and how you can fix it.

So without further ado, Let's get started (:

Why is Divi Contact Form not sending emails?

There are many reasons for which the Divi contact form module is not working and not sending the emails to your inbox. Here a few of them:

Server-side issues: In some web hosting providers, the PHP mail() function which is responsible for sending emails might be disabled or not working for some security reasons.

Wrong destination email: this is a pretty obvious one, so you should double-check and make sure the destination email is actually a valid one.

Contact Form issues: if you're using an external WordPress forms plugin then there might be some conflicts in the form which cause the issue to appear. Unless the problem can be related to the actual Divi contact form module but this only happens once in a blue moon.

Before You Start

Before you skip to the solution part, kindly check if you're using the latest version of Divi because running your website on an outdated version can cause the Divi contact form not working issue as well as other problems along the way.

To check, simply login into your WordPress admin dashboard. from the left-hand side of the menu, hover over the “Divi” tab, and clicks theme options you'll be taken directly to the theme panel. under the updates, in the top horizontal menu, you need to enter the username and the API key which you can get from your account on the Elegant theme website.

update divi theme

Once you have entered the required information go ahead and click the “Save Changes” button and Now whenever a new Divi version is released you'll be able to update to it.

If you already have the latest version but the issue still exists then keep reading.

Divi Contact Form Not Working (Easy Guide)

Here we are!

Since the major cause of this issue is related to the PHP mail() function not working emails we'll need to create an account at one of the email marketing and delivery services available on the market then use the API on the website through an SMTP plugin.

That's the best solution when it comes to this issue.

Step 1 : Create an Email account

There are a bunch of email delivery services we can use but it's always recommended to use and stick to one of the popular tools to be able to get great support in case you faced any issue.

As far as I am concerned, I will decide between one of these options: SendGrid, SMTP, Sendinblue, and Amazon SES.

For a beginner who is just starting out, I would suggest SendGrid or Sendinblue because they have a great value for money offer. to be able to fix the Divi contact form not working issue the free plan of these tools is quite enough.


No matter which of the option you choose the process is the same.

  • You'll create a free account at the email delivery service you've chosen
  • Inside Your account look for API & Integrations
  • Generate An API key

By doing those simple steps you'll be able to move to the next step.

Step 2 : Install & Configure A WordPress SMTP plugin

In this step we'll be configuring our website to work with the API key we generated early on through an SMTP plugin. there are dozens of them but the one I usually use is the WP Mail SMTP provided by WPforms.

The free version of the plugin is enough to get you started and resolve the issue. However, they also have a paid version with some amazing premium features for a yearly fee in case you're interested.

Anyway, to install the plugin we'll login to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for “SMTP” and you'll see the plugin I am talking about. click the “Install Now” then activate it.

WP mail SMTP by WPforms

Once the SMTP plugin is installed go to its settings by navigating to WP Mail SMTP > Settings.

The first thing we need to set up in the configuration settings is the “From Email” address. in this field, you can enter your custom email account (eg. or any email you would like to receive the emails on.

if you leave it to the default the plugin will use the administrative email you specified when you installed the WordPress CMS for the first time.

Moreover, there's an option that allows us to “Force From Email” and what this basically does is it we'll use the same email you entered in all the outgoing emails from your website including the ones sent by the third-party plugins you're using.

I don't want that so I am going to uncheck the option as you can see below.

configure WP mail SMTP in Divi

The next setting is the “From Name”. fill in your name or if you would like to have the admin's name in there then you'll notice that the plugin has already used the WordPress admin's name. Very similar to the email option the plugin gives you an option to Force the name for all the emails as well.

I don't think that would make a big difference so I will uncheck it.

configure WP mail SMTP in Divi

Just underneath the previously mentioned option, you see a lot of email delivery tools to choose from. I have already an account set up at Sendinblue so I am gonna choose it. You will do the same with any other tool. Once you select the service provide it automatically gives its settings at the bottom of the page.

configure WP mail SMTP in Divi

Fill in the requested information. In my case, it only requires the API key so I am going to paste in the API key I have generated from my account at Sendinblue service and that's it!

configure WP mail SMTP in Divi

Step 3 : Send A Test Email

The final step in this process is to test if the Divi contact form not working issue is resolved and the emails are sent to our inbox.

Fortunately, the WP Mail SMTP has already the “Email Test” feature which is great. You simply need to enter the recipient email and click the “Send Email” button underneath then check your inbox.

configure WP mail SMTP in Divi

Step 4 : Prevent emails from going to spam (Bonus)

In some cases, the problem is that email are received but for some reason it goes to the spam folder.

If you're using a Gmail account then you can simply log in to it and set up a filter to redirect all the emails coming from your website to the main inbox or even mark them as important.

To do that follow these steps:

1 – Open your Gmail account and click the “gear” icon in the top right corner then go to “See all settings”

divi prevent emails from going to spam

2 – Once you're in the settings, select the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” then click “Create a new filter” as you can see below.

divi prevent emails from going to spam

3 – A new window will pop up, those are the settings of the filter. you can specify the condition you want, I usually specify the address from which the emails are coming or the subject which is the one in the settings of the Divi contact form.

So, I am basically saying to the Gmail filtering system: “whenever there is an email with the specified subject then send it to the inbox and mark it as important or whatever settings you have chosen”.

Go ahead and click “Create Filter”

divi prevent emails from going to spam

By doing this step the Gmail filtering system will know the emails coming from your website and automatically redirect them to the inbox and the problem will be completely resolved.

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To sum up, the most common issue why the Divi contact form module is not working is the email deliverability so if you still use the standard PHP mail function to send emails then you should definitely replace it either with an email deliverability service along with one of the SMTP WordPress plugins available on the market.

Besides, the Sendinblue email deliverability service you can use any other tool that you like and you're comfortable working with.

If you still have any questions or want to share your thoughts feel free to drop them in a comment below. If you have enjoyed reading our today's guide and you found it useful, share it on social media or with anyone who has the same problem. Otherwise, stay awesome!


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