How to Clean a Mousepad?


How to clean a mousepad? is one of the most questions i have heard.

Hi there, I have spent a long time searching on the internet about mouse pad cleaning ways, I think you're like looking for how to clean a mouse pad or basically asking yourself if it's washable or not?

well, the answer to this question is Yes! the important to know is the best way to do that based on different types of mousepads which will be our topic for today so without wasting time let's dive in …

How to Clean a Mousepad?

How to clean SteelSeries mousepad?

Before starting to wash a SteelSeries mousepad it would be an essential thing to determine the fabric of which the mousepad is made to avoid spoiling it. it can be rubberized, neoprene or perhaps a Roccat mousepad.

Let's agree on a thing that the guide of how to clean a mousepad will work for all the fabric mousepad if you follow the instructions from A to Z, if you have a plastic mousepad you're more welcome to follow with us but all plastic mousepads really require is a wipe over with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

The best way to clean SteelSeries mousepads is to :

1 – Grab a bowl or use your kitchen sink then fill it with hot water and soap, make sure you give it a swirl until it's fully mixed with the water.

2 – Push your mousepad down until it's covered with water and let it sit there for a while so that the grease and dirt be dissolved.

3 – rub your mousepad in a gentle way, give your mousepad a rub with your hands gently to avoid spoiling the surface fabrics.

4 – Rinse your mousepads real good, under hot water tap until it loses all the traces of soap.

5 – Time to dry your mousepad, and the best way to do that is to hang it out in the sun of course if you're not hurrying to get it back to gaming if you don't have time for air dry you can simply use a hairdryer to get things happen fast (:

Сan you put a mousepad in the washing machine?

You probably think to put your mousepad in the washing machine but please don't do it because would damage its fabrics and it will be quickly spoiled even after one wash.

How to clean hyperx mouse pad?

hyperx mousepad
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As we all know the HyperX mousepads are made of dense fabric and have a smooth surface to the touch. the best way to clean hyperx mousepad is though handwashing along with liquid soap then dry it and make sure it's in a straightened form.

Keep in mind that those mousepads can't be washed in a washing machine.

How to clean razer mouse pad?

razer mousepad

If you have a Razer mousepad you have to know that it be cleaned in a wet-cleaned way. To do this, you can simply use a sponge that is moistened with soapy water. concerning the soap you can use normal shampoo, soap, laundry detergent that is often used by you. wipe in a gentle way the contaminated area with a sponge, and then rinse the mousepad underwater. and dry it by hanging it out to the sun.

How to clean a cloth mousepad?

from its name cloth mousepads are a rubber base for mounting on a table this is the most common one on the market.

concerning this type of mousepad, it's more easy and quick to get rid of the dust, hair, grease and all dirt and they're very sensitive for the wet cleaning method we mentioned above. Besides, another easy way of everyday care is to get and use a woolen fabrics with a short pile or even a toothbrush and all what you have to do is to brush off the dust from the mousepad once a week.

The ideal way to keep the cloth mousepads very clean is to have a vacuum cleaner at home.

How to clean a white mouse pad?

concerning this type of mouse pads, my first advice to you is to look at the type of its surface so if it's made with cloth then you can gently rubbing it with a damp rag to remove dirt from it and don't forget to add a small quantity of shampoo.

If you have a mousepad that is covered with plastic i strongly advice you to just use any mild household detergent and a rag or sponge.

Advices on how to clean a mousepad :

1 – don't use a washing machine to clean a mousepad because even it didn't damage it from the first time but for longterm use it will definitely spoil it especially if you have a mousepad with a graphic, the design will be erased by time.

2 – Don't use very hot water (temperature of 100+ degrees) because this operation would also effect the material and fabrics of your mousepad.

3 – wash your mousepad periodically every 2 to 3 months.

For the way of cleaning mousepads in action watch the following video :

That's set for this ultimate guide on how to clean a mousepad, i hope you've found valuable information that would help you clean your mousepad the right way and avoid damaging things while this operations, Thanks for reading.

Have a great day (:

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