9 Reasons why I switched to SiteGround

i switched to siteground

I switched to Siteground hosting almost all of my websites and I really love them. I have tried 6 other companies and I can absolutely say that SiteGround is much, much better. they're not just better but we can even say they're completely a different level of services provided around.

I have 5 active websites in my online business. So a lot of my customers and partners always ask me about the hosting company I am using and why I switched to siteground because I have never had any issues and I never complain. when I start talking with them about the issues they have such as slow loading times, backup and security errors, terrible support and the list goes on. I realize how lucky I switched to Siteground.

While thinking to start blogging in any niche, create an e-commerce store, or any kind of business website especially using WordPress, one of the biggest mistakes done by beginners who are just started out their career in online business is not choosing the right web hosting service for their business which can have a big impact on the speed of the website, security and a bunch of other important aspects.

Today, I am going to talk in this post about my experience with Siteground hosting and why i switched to siteground it and I hope this can help you decide which hosting is the right for you.. so without wasting time.

Let's dive in …

9 Reasons Why I Switched to SiteGround

In my point of view. speed, reliability, customer service (support), and the tools that improve and make it easy to manage the workflow are the most crucial factors when it comes to WordPress hosting.

We have listed below the top 10 reasons why I switched to Siteground and why you should do it too.

Reason 1 – Great loading times

When I was just starting my career, I didn't pay a lot of attention to choosing the right web hosting for my websites, I thought they're all the same but unfortunately, that's wasn't true. As I mentioned before I have been with 6 other companies including Hostgator, FatCow, Bluehost, Namecheap Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting, and similar ones before I switched to siteground. I release that when it comes to loading times the Siteground hosting was always the fastest and I have never experienced any unusual slowness of my websites.

Personally I haven’t done any kind of time loading comparison, I can just say that one of my websites hosted in a shared hosting provided by Hostgator sometimes took 4-5 seconds to even start loading. With Siteground, it’s always been instant, really fast.

Here are some stats provided by Siteground:

siteground loading times

Note: the result you see at the bottom of the picture above is with the SuperCache enabled. which is basically an option provided by Siteground in your account you can turn it on to enable caching. In general, my websites were fast enough without enabling it therefore I personally didn't use it.

Reason 2 – Awesome Customer Service

Customer service (support) is one of the main things why I switched to siteground and the essential ones we look at when choosing the right web hosting company. In fact, there's nothing irritating and frustrating more than having bad customer service at your hosting company. I have been with LWS for about 3 years and my experience was horrible (sorry LWS, but it's true).

Imagine having an accident or a huge issue on your web server, you submit support tickets and don't hear back any reply for 3 days or more. Sometimes, I had to submit another support ticket to follow up on the existing support ticket. And again no response for 2 days. It was making me extremely angry.

I tried many company's live chats before I switched to siteground, some of them only work for certain days. others I'd to have to wait for a badly long time to get in touch with the next available agent. I still get nervous whenever I think about that experience that's because they request me to open a ticket most of the time in order to have their “the techs can look into it”. The problem is that when your website is down or not working properly, you're losing a lot of money and sales so you need to get instant help to figure the issue in less time possible.

This is where Siteground really shines. I will talk about it a bit in detail in the upcoming reasons why I switched to siteground. honestly speaking they're really the market leaders simply thanks to the amazing customer service they offer for their clients. All the issues and the questions you might have are being resolved pretty much instantly. Besides their support tickets that take only 30 minutes to be resolved as well as their instant live chat. you get an agent to chat with you within a few seconds which is incredible 🙂.

Reason 3 – Immediate Chat Support

Well, as my experience on Siteground the chat support service is superb and that's another reason why I switched to siteground. if you have any kind of issues or even a question you can simply go ahead and click the live chat then you'll get someone to talk to immediately there's no waiting. it's that easy!

After getting someone to chat with you they really manage to help you fix all the issues that your website might have most of the time and not just sending you off to another area which is another advantage of using Siteground hosting.

To show you clearly the difference between the Siteground and 12 other providers around here's some data so from the moment where you start chatting with an agent. The issue resolution average turnaround time is only 5 minutes. These stats shown below are provided by Siteground but from my own experience with them, I have to say that it's the spot on!

siteground resolution time

From the stats above we notice that the Siteground company is one of the best web hosting companies when it comes to customer service (chat answer time: instant & chat resolution time: 5 min)

Reason 4 – Free Backups Service

The 4th reason why I switched to siteground is Free backups. I didn't pay attention to how this is really crucial until I lost about 50% of the posts published on my site because of an error that happened while I was updating my WordPress website. you can imagine how frustrating is to lose about half of the posts full of graphics and information that took you hours and hours to structure them.

As I didn't make any backups except one that was very old so I didn't have any other choices and I started over re-creating them which took me 2 weeks to complete them. Then I switched to siteground.

So with Siteground, you won't have to worry about your data as they provide daily backups free of charge included for all different hosting accounts (30 days backup for Shared and 7 days backup if you're using VPS). You can reach out to their support to restore your very recent data in case any accident or issues happened which is pretty cool and makes you feel a massive relief while building your online business.

Siteground free backups

Reason 5 – 30 Minutes Resolution On Tickets

The 5th reason why I switched to siteground is the quick responses on resolution tickets. There are a lot of issues that can be resolved over chat, it needs more time than a 5 min chat can provide such as migrating your website to another account. a complex problem where you need to provide login details, some screenshots, or a record of something. in those cases, you'll need to open a ticket.

In all the previous companies I used opening a ticket means days and days of waiting before being able to hear anything back. But in this area, the Siteground company is an exception. my experience with them has been very positive and overwhelming because I remember all the tickets I have opened in the course of 2 years were resolved pretty much instantly.

Again, to see clearly what i mean, here's some stats and info provided by Siteground. from my experience i can absolutely vouch for the accuracy of that information.

support tickets

As you can see in the attached picture above the Siteground has the minimum time resolution for tickets if compared to the other companies around. which is an additional bonus why i switched to Siteground.

Reason 6 – Advanced Proactive Security

I don’t know how to phrase this properly, so the best way to describe it that I can think of is Advanced Proactive Security. one of the essential reasons why I switched to siteground.

In the past year alone, I have been attacked via a DDOS attack. If you don't know what a DDOS attack is? or you maybe didn't hear about it, it's an attack where basically the hackers send thousands of bot clicks per minute to your website server, causing it to load pages and content at an incredibly fast rate, and consequently, bringing the server down, which results in your website being offline for hours or days at a time.

advanced security

Luckily as I switched to siteground, again they were there to help me by proactively identifying that for me, and sent me a notification message via email to inform me of what was happening, and then they managed to block the DDOS attack straight away. So my attacked sites have got a bit of damage and were down for 10-15 minutes, but were back online after that. All of that happened while I was asleep Thanks to Siteground.

Reason 7 – Instant Phone Support

Personally, I don't like to call my hosting provider very often. in fact, I only did it a few times, there are urgent cases where you'll need to get in touch with them directly. However, there could be people out there who would feel comfortable or like to call up instead of having live chat or opening tickets.

Regarding Siteground phone support. I can’t categorically say that phone support is ALWAYS instant, but in the 2 or 3 times that I had to call, they did indeed pick up instantly.

The instant Phone Support is reason number 7 why I switched to siteground and Here are some stats provided by Siteground in case you're among the people that find it so easy and comfortable to get support through having a call with the support team.

Phone support

Reason 8 – SiteGround is available now on Google Cloud Platform

Recently Tenko Nikolov the Siteground CEO has revealed that the Siteground is finally available on Google Cloud Platform (fully managed) so as a passionate about hosting I was really excited beyond words to hear such as great news.

siteground on Google Cloud plateform

Siteground customer's websites are hosted in one of their data centers located either in the USA or Europe. Although the providers did an incredible job by keeping up-to-date with the new and the latest hardware technologies available around but the switch to Google Cloud Platform will definitely change the whole game since a lot of performance and reliability improvement will come with the switch.

Not that all, the coolest part about this improvement is that Siteground made it available for all the users to get its benefits. Yes, that's right! it means even if you sign up to the cheapest option such as the starter WordPress hosting plan that costs only $3.95 per month your website will be hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform.

There's no big deal more than being able to get all the benefits of scaling and resource management without worrying about behind the scenes stuff since the entire setup is managed by SiteGround.

The only huge disadvantage with this is that Amazon and Google cloud platforms are not easy to deal with especially if you're a beginner who is just starting out or a small business owner.

As a hosting passionate, i was wanted my website to be hosted on Google Cloud Plateform that's simply because Google is a huge company and getting my website hosted on thier could server will absolutely increase performance and grow my online business.

Reason 9 – Price

I have stated the price of web hosting as the last one because I genuinely don't think the price as a huge factor. At least it's not as important as the customer support and website loading speed.

However, Siteground also delivers on price. Their shared hosting costs a range between 6.99$ / month and $14.99/month which is quite middle of the road when compared to other top providers.

And even if you could save $0.50 or $1 a month elsewhere, I really don’t recommend choosing the cheapest hosting option. You might save $6 or $10 a year by choosing the cheapest host, but believe me, you are very likely to regret it when you come across horrible customer service provided.

By the way, for someone who wants to build a professional online business. Siteground is not expensive by any means – they are extremely affordable, and still very close to being one of the cheapest companies out there and that's another strong reason I switched to Siteground hosting.

Roundup …

Well, we arrived at the end of today's post so there you go. As you can perhaps tell, I really love Siteground. And I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. because switching as I switched to siteground will only make your work more comfortable with all the benefits and tools they offer. They have a collection of plans which are suitable for everyone no matter what business he's running. the plans can grow with you…

 I started with a cheap shared hosting plan when I switched to siteground and now I am running a VPS (Cloud) account because I have so many websites to host. But it’s totally scalable and you can start out with a standard shared account and then go up when you need to.

What do you think? Have you had any experience with Siteground? Do you have anything to share about your current hosting company? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you guys 🙂 !


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