The top 5 portable solar chargers for the Galaxy S9 in 2019


Do you often go outdoors? You may go hiking a lot or go camping for weeks. It's challenging to keep billing your phones and tablets just because you don't have any sockets or car chargers. How will you stay in touch with your friends and family in your wilderness adventures? Of course, with a portable solar charger!

If you follow below, we will show you the best portable solar chargers you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Here are our best pictures.

Jetsun solar charger

First on our list is the Jotun Solar Charger. In essence, it is a cross between a portable power charger and a special charger powered by a solar panel. This one has a capacity of 16 750 mAh. Suffice it to say; you'll be able to keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 charged all week with this one. This one has a small solar panel built right into the bank that allows you to pour the energy bank when there is enough sunlight. However, the solar panel of the power bank is tiny, so it cannot take much juice. It will charge at a languid pace with this method, but if you need to load the Jetsun a little faster, there is a wire charging inlet. That way you should be able to drain it in just a few hours.

However, do not reject the solar panel on this device! If you're in the woods and don't have a way to charge your devices, it can give you enough money.

Aukey solar charger


Next on our list is the Auker solar charger. This is a massive difference to the Jetsun energy bank, as Aukey solar chargers offer a real solar charging system using portable solar chargers. Solar panels take light, convert light into energy and then provide an excellent charge for your Galaxy S9. This is most useful for those who go on regular hikes or outdoor activities.

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Aukey Solar Charger has two USB outputs on it so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

Juice Solar Charger

The Soko Solar Charger comes in third place, but it's also unique. This is because the solar charger can be folded in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different surfaces and maximize the amount of light that the solar charger can absorb and maximize the energy your smartphone can take over.

The solar panels of this charger are weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about the elements damaging your new portable charger. You can quickly leave it on all day – even in cloudy weather – and Sokoo Solar Charger will try to get as much energy as possible, even with the minimum amount of light available.

NekTeck Solar Charger

We are a big fan of NekTeck Solar Charger as well. Designed for those on a budget, this solar charger is still capable of delivering relatively fast charging. This one has a maximum power of 21 watts, and with two output USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time. These solar panels are weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about rainfall or the elements that destroy your new solar charger. However, your smartphone is not always so powerful, so NekTeck has installed a weatherproof bag near USB ports: to keep your devices safe.

X-Dragon Solar Charger

The X-Dragon solar charger may be our latest list, but now we can easily find our favorite solar charger. This is one of the few portable solar chargers that can output as much as 40 watts. In terms of charging speeds, this is almost twice what other people can do. This makes the X-Dragon Solar Charger a little more expensive. It's a pretty big unit, so you'll need a small space to set it up, but you'll have no problem charging your phones, tablets, and laptops at a pretty fast pace.

One of the unique aspects of the X-DragonThe solar charger is artificial intelligence inside. This looks at the smartphone or device connected to the output and then adjusts the charging speed so that it is at the maximum that the device can absorb. Also, charging precautions are provided to protect the phone from electrical spikes, to overcharge, and overheating.

If you are outdoors and without a way to keep your Galaxy S9 charged, then you may want to consider bringing a portable solar charger with you. The portable solar charger will never require an outlet – fold it, take energy from the light, and then transform it into something your phone can drain. If you want to make sure you get the best of the best, you can't go wrong with the X-Dragon Solar Charger.


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